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Combined Experiences in East Africa

The combined East Africa Tours are extensive safari packages incorporating more than one country in the region. The Combined Safaris destinations feature Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania

Embark on an unforgettable journey that spans the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife of East Africa.

Our combined East African safari packages offer you the opportunity to explore the iconic national parks and reserves of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda in a single, awe-inspiring adventure.

The unmatched, and authentic destinations of Africa expose visitors to unforgettable ultimate experiences.

The Combined Safaris gives visitors a chance to explore and discover several destinations in just a single adventure. 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable safari experience, a combined safari in East Africa is the perfect option. 

These safaris allow you to visit multiple countries in the region with chances to experience a variety of different landscapes, communities, and wildlife responsibly. 

Safari Life today incorporates a sustainable tourism bucket list, traveling in a responsible manner, providing jobs for locals, and supporting local communities.

It involves raising awareness about the importance of ongoing wildlife conservation efforts.

Multiple Entry Visas for East Africa allow travelers to visit Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and it can be acquired at any of the three-country entry points.

The combined safari packages include,

Our Combined East African safari tours involve visiting two countries or three countries on a single safari expedition

The Combined Safaris Packages are flexible depending on your tastes and preferences and are modified and tailored to suit your travel plans. 

The Tour Packages include primate trekking in Uganda, and Rwanda, the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, Community Based Tours / Cultural Tours in East Africa. 

The trips can wind up with Coastal Beaches and Island Recreation Centers in Ssese Islands, Mombasa, and Zanzibar. 

An active adventure like mountain climbing in Mt.Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rwenzori, Mt. Kenya, and Mt. Elgon,  Wildlife Safaris in the  Serengeti, Masai Mara, and Kidepo National Park.

The Combined East Africa Safari Packages are tailored to enable you to fulfill your travel dream. For the Birding Expeditions, East Africa can never disappoint you with over 1448 bird species recorded. 

Pack your bags and get down here in East Africa, let us show you the Land Gifted By Nature. Together we can create memorable lifetime journeys.

 Welcome to East, a Land filled with hope and the Journey will definitely Change You.